How to Write a YouTube Video Sales Letter (VSL) Script for a Guru

I've written a  TON of video sales letters for gurus (mostly in the financial, biz opp, and real estate spaces).


Because Youtube ads DONE WELL drive sales, generate leads, and grow email lists fast.

Here's a basic template that works well:


[Part 1]: Pattern Interrupt (Hook / “Headline”):

[PART 2]: Engage/Disqualify:

[Part 3]: Hero's Journey:

[Part 4]: Social Proof:

[Part 5]: Long CTA:



a. Break / Rebuild belief patterns (Advice, Story)

b. Tell them, don't show them (Advice)

c. Behind The Scenes Lifestyle (Office Tour, Most Tai Lopez ads)

d. Name Dropping and Borrowing Credibility (Bezos, Gates/Buffet, Icahn)


a. YouTube:

b. Selfie vs Vlog style vs Cinematic:

c. Shoot Multiple 5-second intros for same ad concept:

d. Shoot with demographics in mind to get more scale


☝️☝️☝️ I've used this  A LOT...

Example Becker Ad:

Hope this all helps!

Stay frosty,


P.S. Download this as a PDF here

The Best Copywriting Books 

Yeah, I know...

There are thousands of posts on this EXACT topic.

"What are the "best copywriting books?"

So I'll keep it short.

To be honest, I haven't read a lot of "copywriting" books.

I've read a lot of promotions and a lot of good copy, but not books ABOUT copy really.

Of course, there are the classics that EVERYONE ON THE WEB lists (Cialdini, Ogilvy, Schwartz, etc.).

Read them.

But I wrote this post to alert you to four books that typically fly under the radar (in my opinion). Each one helped me when I was first getting started (and I refer back to them from time to time also).


Anyone who asks me for the "best copywriting books" always gets these 4 unexpected answers:

They aren't "copywriting" books.

But they'll each help you be a damn fine copywriter.

Stay frosty,


Direct Response... the List, the Offer, or the Copy (Which is Most Important)?

Have you heard of the 40/40/20 rule?

It's a good rule of thumb you need to heed when running, creating, or evaluating any direct response campaign.

It's not new and there are COUNTLESS blogs, articles, and videos about it.

It means this: the three things you need to nail to make money online as a direct response marketer are... the list, the offer, and the copy/creative.


As a direct response marketer who happens to specialize in direct response copywriting, you'd guess that I think "creative" is the most important..."

But you'd be wrong.

Because the real "difference maker" is in the list.

I'd say it's slightly MORE IMPORTANT than 40% even.

John Carlton told a story about this somewhere (I forgot where I saw it, but I remember the story).

In a nutshell, it goes like this:

If you were trying to sell a hamburger (and so was I), there's ONE THING I could use to guarantee that I'd sell more hamburgers than you...

... even if your hamburger was objectively BETTER (i.e. your offer)

... even if the way you pitched your hamburger was factually more effective (i.e. your creative)


Simple... a starving audience.

That's it.

Because if I can fill a room with people who are starving, I can sell them a shitty hamburger with relative ease.

That's because they already want what I have.

On the contrary, you can have a better offer (e.g. your burger has onion rings, grass-fed beef, gluten-free buns) and present your burger in a better way. But if your audience isn't starving, you'll lose.

Or worse yet, if your audience is vegan... oops.

This is why people will buy an offer with shitty creative (design, copywriting) all day long.

And of course, you want to nail all three to maximize profit:

Don't use this as an excuse for bad copy and a less-than-irresistible offer though.

It'll work, but not for the long haul.

Instead - go for all three... because bad marketing *that makes money* isn't what we're after.