Brian Lenney

A few miles west of Boise, ID

Wednesday, 7:27 a.m.

Dear Friend, 

Short version: I help financial publishers, health companies, and SaaS startups generate tens of thousands of leads and open up six to seven-figure revenue streams (without onboarding a snobby copywriter, paying for an "A-lister," or rolling the dice on a new guy)...

I got started in 2013...

I hated working a normal job.

I'm virtually “unemployable,” really...

That's why in my *pre-copywriting* life I think I had about 30 jobs. Because I could never find something I was good at AND liked.

Enter my brother.

One day, during an angst-ridden rant about how college is a scam and 9 to 5 jobs suck, he told me that since I was already a good writer, I should look into becoming a "copywriter."

I had no clue what that was.

So, I Googled: "How to become a copywriter..."

And there were TONS of results.

I quickly discovered two things:

After more Googling, I decided to give it a shot...

I gave my two weeks, quit my job (I don't recommend jumping in so brashly for most people), and got my first gig the very first day I was "on my own."


I cold-emailed an agency on the East Coast and told them I'm looking to break into the industry. The guy liked my email and hired me to do some SEO copy for them (nobody ever paid me to "just write" before).

The result?

I got paid $1,800 for my very first copywriting project (without a portfolio or any "official" experience)!

I was stoked.

Then... they hired me AGAIN for a similar one!

After that, I knew it could only get better.

So... I joined some masterminds and read everything I could about marketing, copy, and psychology. As I got better, I found myself landing more and more projects - mostly from the Cult of Copy Job Board (and then, referrals).

I cut my teeth in SaaS (worked with the founder of HubSpot and other tech startups) and after a few years, I found out that the good money was in direct response (health, wealth, and relationships) so I jumped into that world.

Fast forward several years and I've worked with the BIGGEST names in direct response, especially in the financial niche:

* Rich Dad

* Tim Sykes

* The Agora Companies

Those are a few... there are many more.

Some cool stuff...

And there's tons of other stuff too... (way more than I could list here).

Hit me up if you want to talk shop. 


Brian Lenney

Brian Lenney

P.S. LMK if you want to see some writing samples (I'll shoot them right over)...

P.P.S. I write emails, emails, emails!!! (where the $$$ is), webinars, landing pages, squeeze pages, copy for the entire funnel, long-form copy (promos and sales pages), display ads, native ads & advertorials, AdWords, video sales letters (VSLs), YouTube video ads...

P.P.P.S. Here's why hiring me could make your life easier...

(1) I've already written 6 and 7-figure copy for my clients. You won't be "testing out" a new copywriter or having to educate me in the ways of direct response marketing. I've already done (and I'm doing) it.

(2) Deadlines matter. I deliver on time or early every time. No sitting around wondering - "WTF happened to that copywriter guy?"

(3) I'm part of your team. I'm not a one-off hotshot or a guy who sees himself as above or separate from you. When you bring me on board, I'm literally on board (I'll even join your Slack channel). Why? Because we're partners together with the same goal: more leads & more revenue.

(4) "Let's test it!" I’m all about testing. Maybe even annoyingly so. Headlines, bullets, images, page layout, subject lines, hooks, angles, VSL scripts. Whatever. If it's an area of interest let's test it.

(5) I don't take forever. I've been doing this full-time since 2013 so I know how to turn a project around quickly. If you do your part, I'll do mine. By the way, if I work "too quickly" it's okay. It doesn't mean I don't take the work seriously. It means that I've been doing this for a minute and know how to produce copy in a timely fashion.

(6) I'm a marketer who specializes in copy. I’ve written for everything from real estate house flipping to penny stocks all the way over to autoimmune disease promos, pot-farm lead gen campaigns, and health supplement "A-Pile" mailers. Sales is sales, no matter what niche it's in. This is why I'm 100% convinced that a good copywriter is a good marketer FIRST (you can't be good at copy and not understand marketing).

(7) "The No-Ghost Guarantee." I get back to you ASAP, usually in a few hours. At least same-day. I try to hit inbox zero daily, I track projects religiously, and I make sure you always know where I'm at and what I'm doing as far as your project goes.

(8) "Semper Reformanda" Yeah, I stole this phrase from the Protestant reformers. It means "always reforming." As a copywriter and direct response marketer, I try to be in a constant state of learning. New channels, new methods, "what worked in 1997 might not work in 2020," etc. I'm always reading, studying, masterminding, and learning the craft.

(9) Stacking paper. If you're sitting on a goldmine of an offer/product and have the right audience lined up, you're already 80% (ish) of the way to big money. The copy is the last 20%. If I NAIL that you'll be laughing all the way to the bank (oh yeah... so will I).

(10) Save time. Yes, it's true! You won't need to edit, update, or revise my copy in any major way. What you get is usually damn near close to what you'll run. Why? Because I do my homework and research BEFORE I write (Abe said it best - "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe"). 

(11) LFG (Google it if you're confused about that)! If you have traffic, a decent budget, and a great offer, we're probably a fit. I don't pretend to have a 9-month waitlist (most copywriters don't and most who say they do aren't being honest with you).

(12) Rates. I don't charge more than a lawyer does (most copywriters aren't A-Listers but they sure act and want to charge like they are). Not me. If we can both make money together, let's do it. I'll always ask for your budget up-front, but it's not so I can max it out. It's to get an idea of what we're working with. Your budget should be at least $5k+ for a project or a month of work. If it's a promo, we're also talking likely talking royalties. For example, a recent financial promo I wrote is bringing in $10-$20k a day in revenue. With numbers like that, $10k upfront plus a 3% royalty doesn't sound like such a big fee does it? BUT... there's always a but. I sometimes take on smaller projects with a subcontractor who I oversee closely. Or I could refer someone. Or, we could reduce the scope of work (which would reduce your cost). If we both want it to work usually there's a way.

(13) The internet. I live in the Boise, Idaho area, and I've worked successfully with clients from all over the world (Australia, Malta, England, China, Germany, the East Coast, the West Coast, and of course - Silicon Valley). So, no, working remotely is NOT a barrier to success. But, you know that... this is the damn 2020s, amirite?