Social Proof

“Brian's unique background gives him unequaled access to how everyday Americans truly view their place in the world. Very few copywriters and marketers have this level of insight—and even fewer can take that insight and craft authentic, persuasive copy that connects with people like Brian does.” 

~ Travis Davis, Publisher at Banyan Hill, The Agora Companies 

"Precisely what we were looking for..."
~ Dharmesh Shah, Founder, HubSpot

“Brian is one of those unique conservatives who frankly aren't in large supply nowadays. He has the ability to be steadfast and principled in his convictions AND he knows how to communicate. Convincing a skeptical audience with a strong message is something he excels at.”
~ Andrew Roth, State Freedom Caucus Network

“Brian Lenney's wit and control of language allows him to paint bold pictures using words and visuals that boldly command his audience's attention. I’ve seen him collaborate with others to cut through the noise in a world filled with distractions to inspire positive reactions and outcomes.”
~ Matt Edwards, Director at Citizens Alliance of Idaho

“I’ve worked with Brian on several projects. None of them were easily understood audiences, and most of them we barely understood the business model. Brian cuts through the noise and creates copy that converts. Wit and clarity, along with a keen ability to find leverage in a model, make Brian an indispensable resource to my growth campaigns.”
-Sam Mallikarjunan, PDP Instructor at Harvard University

“Brian has the unique ability to combine storytelling with conversion copywriting. Not only will you get engaging content, but you’ll also be wow’d with his ability to deliver key results. If you’re looking for someone who can write full-stack copy, match your brand voice, and write for results, look no further. I’d hire him again any day!”
~ Tara Robertson, Director, Marketing Strategy & Operations, Sprout Social

"I knew there was a reason I liked Brian from the get-go. Not only did he have the skills to hit the ground running, but dude knew how to craft a story and turn a phrase. These details matter. Tons of people have similar skills… hello Internet! But, if you can tell a better story, that engages people you’re talking to – playing to the “narrative bias” we all have as humans… you’ve already won."
~ Mike Harrington, Entrepreneur

"I asked Brian to make me a few landing pages for a real estate venture and he blew it out of the water! Not only did it look sick but he busted it out super fast even though I said I was in no hurry. Bottom line, if you're looking for a copywriter, look no further!"
~ Robert Shaw, Real Estate Entrepreneur, Boise, ID

"Brian's a talented, passionate writer with particular gifts in long copy and content. When you're looking for a copywriter focused on highlighting your value - not selling hype - hire Brian."
-Joanna Wiebe, Co-founder of Copy Hackers & Airstory

“Brian is a passionate and incredibly creative writer. He knows how to tell a story and capture attention both in writing and in person. He’s also willing to take risks and push the limits – which is critical in a world where you have to rise above the noise.”
~ David Darmanin, Founder & CEO, Hotjar 

“An excellent copywriter with mad skills and is easy to work with!”
~Jesse Forrest, The Web Copywriter

“Damn, you know how to tell a story. You have true talent. Probably the first time I read a post word for word without skimming or skipping around.”
~Patrick Coombe, Elite Strategies

“Can I just say this is an INCREDIBLY well ­written article. Now this is what I call content marketing. I read it and now all I have to say is, "what. do. you. want. me. to buy?"
~Leah Faul, Inturact

“You are good and I mean damn good writer. You crafted the story in such a way that it captures people's hearts, mine included. I read your story word for word like I never read before. "
~Vinton Samms, 1SP

“One of the most talented writers on both hemispheres. When someone uses a personal story to teach something marketing related I call it a ‘Brian Lenney'”
~A 33-year-old former gambler, heavy smoker, and full-stack inbound marketing survival ninja from Germany

“Lenney is the guy who storytells the heck out of everything. And he is freaking awesome at it.”
~A 24-year-old male CMO from Russia that loves booze (especially stout beer, Belhaven for the win!) and DIY-stuff, and hates marketing (suddenly) and marketers